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He drove over an hour from his grandma's to bring me an one of the sweetest oranges off her tree. A few weeks later, what was supposed to be a Saturday morning coffee date, turned into the cancellation of four pre-scheduled events by friends, and a full weekend of adventures with the beginning of our story.  We'll let you imagine our first weekend together.  Fast forward nearly 12 years later, two dogs, 2 quirky cats, a rabbit, frogs and God knows what else in the future 'farm', our spark for 'the what's next' and our two young Todds, Haidyn and Eythan, that bring us the passion to live out each day for them, we are still writing every word of our journey.

Hey! I'm Dana Todd and I'm the owner and lead photographer of Dana Todd Photography

Despite what most people think a photographer's bio should say, I was not born with a camera in my hand, nor had interest in photography until my daughter was born.  My dream as a young one was to work for Disney as an animator.  When that was shot down quickly, I scrambled to find out what I was going to be doing in my life.  That led me to finishing my AA in fine art, and pursing any job, which landed me at Walmart for two years, Costco for 9 years, Victoria's secret for a day, and a lab manager working for my Dad for nearly 8 years before calling the W-2 shift quits to pursue photography full time. 

Though it's not my final destination of my career (my current dream is serving up the brewed coffee bean in some form in my own coffee house), it has been an awarding one so far.

What I will say though is as long as I can remember, and the stories my parents and grandparents told me, was that I have always been creative in someway. From detailed drawings at the age of 4 to creating a heavens bliss in one's home with decor and ideas, I know that I do carry that artistic string through my blod.

 I love upcycling home decor and furniture items, but since Joanna Gaines has taken that spot of glory, I'll stick to it as my hobby. I cannot resist an amazing home made chocolate chip cookie, and am one of the few that cannot eat ice cream because of the carrageenan.

My friends say that I'm artistic, determined, funny, outgoing, bold and . My sister though calls me Martha Stewart.

 Brian is my rock (and my husband) and the main reason why I can continue to be the outgoing, creative idea person that I am (as well as why our house is full of home decor pillows).  I am absolutely amazed at my two children that I have been blessed to be called mom by. Their hearts and souls, imagination and life give me the kick in my booty for my determination of goals in life.  I view my life and every moment, taking it in, holding on to it, wishing that there was someone documenting that current moment.  This is why I also have the passion for photography, so that I can document those precious moments in  your life, because I know how important they are, no matter how simple.

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A wine and beer enthusiast that loves anything tech.  My joy is fulfilled by helping others, expanding my group of knowing people, a good laugh and a cold glass of Indigeny hard apple cider.  I love music, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy being a few of my favorites.  I always seem that I'm quite or more reserved than my wife, which makes us a perfect match in the personalities of our marriage.

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