March 13, 2018

Bay area wedding photographer | Dana Todd Photography | Sneak Peeks, Day one

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Hey guys! Want to see some of the weddings we did last year? See what this husband and wife wedding photography team can do?  And the incredible honor we have to share these days with our couples?

We decided for a blog post to post a few sneak peak videos of clients weddings that we have permission to share that we did in end of 2016- 2017. We’ll be sharing a few a day this week!!!! And I’m so excited to share these wonderful weddings, watching our couples come together and commit to each other!

It’s really difficult for me to keep up with blogging, but because this has helped us able to bring you weddings we’ve done with a bit more intense factor as we can provide a mini story to the day!


Jackie + Danny

Who:  Jackie and Danny

What: Outdoor ceremony and portraits, indoor reception

Where:  Mavericks Event Center, Half Moon Bay, CA

When: November, 2016


Jackie is the sister of one of our past brides, Jill, and we were so stoked when they called us up to do their wedding as well!!!!  We had the eye on the on coming storm, but we made it through the ceremony with out being rained on and had some gorgeous couple portraits!





Who:  Brandon and Rachel

What: Indoor church ceremony, indoor barn reception

Where: Old St Raymond Church, Dublin CA

When: March, 2017


Rachel is actually a sister to one of my family portrait clients.  Their wedding was set within this cute little old church, Old St. Raymond Church in Dublin, Ca.  The reception was held at the barn that is on grounds as well, and it was so nice to be able to be part of a smaller intimate wedding!







Who:  Mike and Marisa

What: Barn Reception

Where:  Murrietta’s Well, Livermore, CA

When:  March, 2017

Mike reached out to us after he and his wife, Marisa, had already eloped in Tahoe.  His mom wanted to have a reception for family and friends closer to home.  It was a neat setting to just focus on the reception and the gathering of their close family and friends, laughing and connecting!  My favorite part of the day, was the fact that they totally agreed to help each other get dressed into the formal wedding attire.  It was just them, (and of course, Brian and I), and it was so beautiful to watch Mike tie up Marisa’s corset, and her helping with his final accessories.



That’s it for today!  Stay tuned for a few more!

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