Our Why
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We feel honored and privileged to have told so many stories of that beginning love in all our couples. We believe in timeless, compelling, raw emotion and authentic moments. Raw emotions that aren't forced, authentic moments that are not interrupted by trying to be posed perfectly or moved into a better spot. Connection between you and your fiancé that is real. Images that tell a timeless and compelling story, with beautiful eye catching, breath stopping portraits, mixed with the classic photojournalism style of photography. Together, this blend makes our storytelling unique. Your images are the beginning of your family heirlooms. When your young hands have aged together and your hand in hand brisk walks have slowed down, the story of your young love can be forever re lived and seen on the foundation of where it all began. These moments are not just recorded for you, but also for your children and grand children, proving the existence of your love and strength that is carried through the years. This is what makes our passion into your DT experience. Recording the moments in your story that meant so much in ours.

Our why...